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Teaching Methodology: 1.
Natural Approach to Music

J Percussion Music School has meticulously designed courses for percussion compositions as well as spoken and sung nursery rhymes. These courses allow children to gently gain rhythm and pitch accuracy. Our methods will naturally motivate your child to further their music studies.

Teaching Methodology: 2.
Fostering Music Sensitivity & Perception

Children have a natural ability to understand music! J Percussion Music School uses multiple music styles and story-telling methods to unlock listening skills. We have found these are the best methods for training listening sensitivity and establishing musical concepts.

Teaching Methodology: 3.
Gently Building Musical Foundations

Having fun and playing games lead children to naturally absorb the basic notions of music theory. This is a great way to train children to recognise fast and slow tempos, high and low pitch, musical notes, rests and expression marks. They will discover that music theory can actually be fun!

Teaching Methodology: 4.
Developing Coordination

When their hands and feet are in motion, the minds are even more alert. By playing fun games children can develop music perception and engage in rhythm training.

Teaching Methodology: 5.
Accomplishment & Gratification

Percussion has the distinguishing feature of encouraging an instant response, which enhances children’s senses of accomplishment and gratification.

J Percussion Music School organises Performance Weeks and Student Concerts for our students periodically to showcase their musical achievements.