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Music school

The heartbeat is the natural rhythm of human life. We are all born with a heartbeat, and therefore; we all have a natural sense of rhythm. Children have the ability to tap out a rhythm from birth, and we encourage every child to explore this ability and make music their lifelong friend.

The J Percussion Music School was established in 1992 originated from Taiwan with the mission of “Bringing music into every child’s life”. Since then, more than 30 branches have been introduced and over 100,000 musical talents have been fostered. JPMS Australia formally known, as Vivace Group is the first international school and opened in 2006, followed various school in China.

Our success came from the methodology: it allows children to experience true joy through music, and subsequently stimulates interest in studying music. When children feel happiness through music, they are in fact just like musicians – they have entered the world of music.



At J Percussion Music School all teachers must undergo professional musical assessment and complete 400 hours of training. They also receive training for child education, child psychology as well as arts appreciation and technique training. All of our teachers have a strong interest in both music and children’s education. We believe professionalism, compassion and companionship are essential elements of teaching music.


Accompaniment is the strongest force in learning. We believe it is extremely important that both teachers and parents accompany and aid children throughout their entire learning process.

During each term, the teacher is required to regularly communicate with parents about the learning and progression of their child, this assures adequate home practice and a supportive environment for the child.

On-Going Training

Continuous learning and growth is the basic requirement for our teachers. In order for students to really benefit from teachers who are well informed and reliable, we provide assistance to teachers who carry out research and studies in relation to their learning materials. Our teachers develop techniques through class observation as well as sharing and discussing their experiences with each other. On a periodical basis, Percussion artists of the J Percussion Group hold seminars on percussion techniques, thus allowing teachers to enhance their expertise and pedagogy.