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Instrument Bag

Our Instrument Bag has been specially designed for your child to use both in class and at home. This compact backpack contains a variety of instruments designed to engage your child’s interest and encourage passion for their musical education.

Scroll down and explore the various instruments in the bag!

Explore Instrument Bag

The Instrument Bag contains nine instruments and a Music Theory Board. Explore what’s inside this bag with this interactive page by click on the bag!

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The castanet is made up of concave shells joined by a string.

This is a handheld instrument that produces rhythmic accents.


The tambourine consists of small metal bells held together in a wooden frame.

This instrument can be held in the hand or mounted on a stand.

The tambourine can be played in numerous ways: stroke or shake it, strike it with the hand or stick, or tap it against the leg or hip.


The woodblock is as it sounds- a block made from wood. This instrument is handheld and struck with a stick, which makes a characteristically percussive sound. The woodblock has two pitches: shorter with a high tone and longer with a low tone.


The triangle is a metal bar bent into a triangle, with one angle left slightly open. The instrument is held by a loop of thread tied between the top, closed angle. The triangle is struck with a metal beater, creating a high pitched- ringing tone.


Maracas are made out of wood or plastic with small metal balls inside. They are usually played in pairs, held by their handles and shaken.


Exactly as it sounds, this is a small, handheld instrument with bells. The handbell is shaken.


Drumsticks are handheld and played in pairs. Drumsticks are used to play drums and many other percussion instruments.

Putty Pad

This is a moldable, portable practice pad. The putty pad creates a playing surface for drumming by providing rebound. The pad can be stretched across any surface. It is non-toxic and creates minimum noise. If stored in the provided container after use, your putty pad will last for years to come!

Toy Hammers

Two hammers are included in the bag. The toy hammers are handheld instruments, shaped like hammers. The hammers produce two different pitches and include a built-in whistle.

Music Magnetic Set

This is a fun and interactive way for your child to study music theory. Includes a magnetic exercise board and sixteen colourful magnets. The board is two-sided: treble and bass clef staff on one side and a printed keyboard and treble clef staff on the other.